Frequently Asked Questions

Only individuals located in South Africa are welcome to enter.

Yes! you as the owner or your peers, friends or family may nominate your space.

Nominations close 31 October 2021.

Submit nomination entries into any of the ten categories at a charge of R25.00 per entry. Choose a property name for example Mia’s cooking space or Monsieur Alain’s kitchen. Write a 160 character or less description of the space you are nominating. Select 3 tags that best describes the nominated space. Upload 4 images.

Entrants are then scored out of 30 for design, 30 for functionality, 30 for creativity; by a panel of three distinguished judges there are up to 100 points in total to be earned. The public vote will contribute the remaining 10 points. The top scorers in each category will be identified and notified via email and on social media.

Public voting is open for the duration of the competition.

Yes public voting is free to show your love.

Public voting ends on the 30 November 2021.

The winners of each category will be announced January 2022.

Yes, you may submit entries into any categories for which you qualify. You must login or register to submit entries.

One property may be submitted in more than one category, but a single photo may not be submitted twice. For example, if you would like to submit two spaces from a single home, for example, a kitchen and a bathroom in the same home, choose up to 4 photos of the kitchen and submit them as a single entry. Choose up to 4 different photos of the bathroom and submit them as a single entry.

Yes! You are welcome to promote your nomination and ask people to vote for you.

Yes. Any voter can only vote once in each category. We take this limit very seriously, and votes received in excess of this limit will be discounted. If we have reason to suspect any entrant or third-party of cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct, we reserve the right to disqualify any vote, entrant, or individual from the contest.

If you win, we will ask you for a list of contributors and we will publish all contributors in the winning project post. By submitting a project, we assume that you are entitled to do so.

We need to be able to see the space you want us to consider, but we also enjoy detail shots. Submit your best image showing the whole room first. Please make every effort to avoid submitting photos that are tilted or blurry. When possible, shoot in natural light. Please do not add borders, watermarks, or text overlay to your photos.

Photos can be in JPG, JPEG, or PNG format. The 4 photos together must not exceed 1 MB in file size. Photos cannot feature any identifiable person. Please note that we cannot provide individual help with photography or image sizing.

No. We use both professional and amateur photography on our site but you have to ensure that your photos are clear and of a high quality to help with voting and judging.

Image 1 : Main Image. Image 2: Wide Angle. Image 3: Favorite Detail. Image 4 : Other

If not answered in our Official Rules, please email